Outback Music – an interview with Connor Lockett

I recently had the joy of interviewing my personal friend - Connor Lockett of Outback music - an award-winning indie composer specialising in experimental sounds and an abundance of creative concepts. On top of that, he was recently hand-selected by Hans Zimmer himself for an award with Indi.com, and things are certainly looking up for … Continue reading Outback Music – an interview with Connor Lockett


Dear Birch

“Stop everything! It’s snowing”, squeaked the birch to the vast, naked oak as icy flakes fluttered slowly – down, down, down, to the lightly dusted ground.  Snow had been long overdue. Tiny tips of green had already begun to sprout from the very ends of the birch’s branches as winter drew to a pass. The oak gently shuddered and … Continue reading Dear Birch