Why making my dog an Instagram account has been the best decision of my year so far


As a pet owner, I’ve grown an almost incessant need to show people photos of my pets whenever necessary.
“Oh, you’re feeling sad? Here’s a photo of my dog on his back while he sleeps. You’re feeling lonely? Here’s a cute pic of my cat dozing into the camera lens.”
After a while, I started to notice just how frequently I was using my Instagram account to show everybody just how proud I was of my dog doing a cute thing that I knew I had one choice to make.

Make my pet an Instagram account.

For anybody curious, the handle for the said Instagram account is @sorathechin, and it’s one of my proudest achievements so far this year, which begs the question as to whether I’m achieving nearly as much as I should be. That said, I have the bragging rights of a fair few followers so I must be bestowing happiness upon at least a few people, right?

So, here’s a few reasons why making my dog an Instagram account has been a really great experience.



It’s validation to the max.

Somehow, I find great joy in telling Sora that he gained over fifty likes today – and counting! He probably doesn’t give an F, but at the same time, he probably does?

There’s a certain degree of fun to the role-playing side of it.

Sure, I have no idea what he’s thinking for the most part, but if I can make at least one person happy by making them feel closer to a cute dog, then it’s a job well done.


Having a place to upload all of my photos without the worry of spamming

Since getting Sora in October of 2017, I have taken over a thousand photos of him in various cute poses (and outfits!). To avoid spamming my facebook friends, I have found solace in getting to post as many photos as possible for those who look forward to daily – sometimes hourly – updates.

Making so many furry friends along the way!

It’s oddly therapeutic to post in a community of so many cute animals. Through that, I – and even Sora – have made several friends, even within the local area!

As simple a concept as it is, I don’t regret a single moment of it. It’s astounding to think that a simple post can make someone smile, even if just for a moment. Not to mention, it’s great to know that my nonchalant Japanese Chin puppy has no idea how popular he’s becoming. If you have a pet and a camera, I certainly recommend doing this. Let’s reduce the negativity on the internet with a few more pictures of our fur-babies.


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