Good Morning

An illuminated streak, a warm surprise,she turns around and watches as he peels open sleepy eyes. 

“Good morning, my king”, she whispers, brushing her lips against his jaw,

and he simply gazes at her, lips parted in awe. 

“My beautiful queen”, he mutters and brushes platinum strands from her face.

She smiles softly, in love; in a daze. 

To her, he puts the stars in the night sky every night,

then conjures the sun at dawn, her world he makes bright. 
She kisses him softly, again and again,

and he clumsily rolls atop her. “Looks like we’ve overlain”,

he chuckles, and she pulls him closer

and whispers by his ear “No sir,

the more time I spend with you, the better”.

He laughs, peppering open mouthed kisses upon her neck before sliding inside her.
She moans, clinging to his hips

as he thrusts, panting against her lips.

Sweet words are muttered, getting lost in the air,

and she’s close, he can feel in the way she grabs a fistful of his hair.

She writhes and shakes, his name the only word she knows.

And she’s a writer. Words are usually all she knows,

But he tears them from her lips, pushing her over the edge,

Submissive to him, her pleasure the ledge.

She’s a fool for him, and he for her. 

Her back arches, pushing him further,

until he tenses up, releasing inside her. 
I love you’s are exchanged and they curl up together,

slipping back into slumber, to dream of their forever. 


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