An ode to an old friend

If you’ve ever cried in a bathroom stall, wished he’d message sooner, danced too hard and loved even harder, stopped to photograph flowers, counted the stars in the sky, curled up in bed and listened to the seconds tick tock by, clung to a book, found romance in tranquility and beauty in heartbreak, thought about […]


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It’s okay to be a drop out

Mental health can be a royal b*tch, to say the least. I’ve spent the past couple of years juggling my depression and anxiety with student life and, honestly? It’s not for everybody. Sure, getting a degree would have been ideal, and it would look awesome on my resume, but why risk my mental stability for […]

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Outback Music – Tarra Bulga

For those of you who happen to live in or be from Australia, you may have heard of a place in Eastern Victoria called ‘Tarra Bulga National Park’. Loved for its undisturbed natural beauty and impressive forestry, accessible via a suspension bridge that offers spectacular views of the lush fern gully below, Tarra Bulga really […]

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In this great bustling city, there is a haven just South East of the river. A melting pot of culture, of arts, and of enterprise. A place for everyone, young and old. As I sit here by glistening waters, I see many flags, I hear many languages, I smell chow mein and crepes, I feel […]

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Tick tock, The moon is out, Time to retreat. Ding dong, it’s 9PM, Aunt Sheila’s dead. Time to mourn again until morning

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The Shadow Creatures in the Night

Author Note: This will be a chapter by chapter story, and I will upload chapter by chapter, hopefully at least once per month. Prologue Have you ever seen the mysterious shadow creatures that bustle about in the night? You probably have. They only appear when you’re on the verge of slumber, but you’ll often notice […]

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