Outback Music – an interview with Connor Lockett

I recently had the joy of interviewing my personal friend - Connor Lockett of Outback music - an award-winning indie composer specialising in experimental sounds and an abundance of creative concepts. On top of that, he was recently hand-selected by Hans Zimmer himself for an award with Indi.com, and things are certainly looking up for … Continue reading Outback Music – an interview with Connor Lockett


Good Morning

An illuminated streak, a warm surprise,she turns around and watches as he peels open sleepy eyes.  "Good morning, my king", she whispers, brushing her lips against his jaw, and he simply gazes at her, lips parted in awe.  "My beautiful queen", he mutters and brushes platinum strands from her face. She smiles softly, in love; … Continue reading Good Morning

Writing Anxiety

If you're a writer, it's safe to say you've probably been there - the need to be productive, but the lack of motivation or ideas to begin. I have a love-hate relationship with writing the first few sentences of anything, especially if I'm itching to get something on paper before quite deciding what. I often … Continue reading Writing Anxiety

Writing Game

Place your finger randomly on the page in front of you. Your finger will have landed on a word or words. Write the word down, as well as the 3 words preceding it. You now have a 7-word phrase. Write this down & once you have written it, keep writing for 5 mins. You must … Continue reading Writing Game